by Xuan Rong

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released March 31, 2016

Mastering by Jonathan Stein
Artwork by Erika Rasmussen and Beatrix Parola



all rights reserved


Xuan Rong New York, New York

Bleh. NYC baby, proud mixed baby, singer, composer, producer, all in one mini candy bar surprise. I'm tiny, I'm shy, but my music isn't.

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Track Name: dddash
Don't lie
I need you alive
Leaving from here

Call it a shot
on my part
alight our so far lonely hearts

I'm lonelier
I'm holier than us
my heart it is smacked beat it hard

I remain the fall
You and I can leave as cowards

I see fear in you
not bleeding even
crying into doesn't matter
let us see you

I've waited a lot
lonely to you
but I feel it all above parting what to do

They see you so far as most
I feel for you now
Is it bad if I let go
I leave so I'm glad
Oh I'm glad that I'm alone
Track Name: Onwards (zombie dreams)
I woke up with a stitch
from the gun aching at my hip
I found you in a ditch
head split open from a bottle of whiskey

And I feel them walking somewhere
Wanting flesh I wish I could caress

Kill them in the head while we lay dead
blood falling in the water
Fill me up with lead I don't mind death
unless we all turn into monsters

And I need you there
Oh I need you more than life
And I need you there
Can you catch me in the light

My friends all go eaten alive
My family all have bleeding eyes
Another forest hides my time
From zombies tryna give me life
Track Name: Be Here Now
A light undone
A day alone again
I'm caught in this head
Bleed and
Drown in death
when drowning instead
has left me breath

Fallen now
Breath in my
Fallen how
You're lost now
Dream it loud
for you're mine
You're loss in daring me to try
Track Name: Weak (拜托)
Laying low
You only want me around so you can get some
Hide it behind
I'm keeping you close
Little do you know I've got love in my future

Bright in the head
Knife in the knee
backseat with me

You'd be so lucky
I've seen you walking around town
You had such a perfect face that I just had to follow you
Through park past some empty swings
Such a pretty place
for a thief like me
But its quiet now
and all I hear is your greed
three shots to the neck I bet you wish you had wings

You took all of mine
while taking your time
I try to leave it behind
but what do you say
what if I kill say
what if I still stay

Fly away bitch
blood all on the pavement
see the white light that's my gift to you
you hate it
are you complaining
would you still play me
would you sing daily bout how much you wanna take me

If you knew that I could be a cannibal too
take your skin off knives running right through you
but don't worry I would never take you
I'd rather feed you to your friends because I know you're full of poison

It's in the words you say
and in the liberties you take
touching people on the train
just to make your day
and since you're hearing it from me
another pussy like me
I'd rather k*ll you nice and slow
just like how you did me

You took all of mine
while taking your time
I try to leave it behind
but what do you say
what if I kill say
what if I still stay

You know you're like the rest of them
No such things as the best of them
One shot in the head and you're dead like the rest of them
But you were the best of them

Because you're right
You were just another one
all of you just wanted some
why you even bother son
can't you see I'm getting off
cuz I'ma kill another one
I'ma rip another one
kill another loved one
you won't get another one

You won't get another one
Cuz I'ma kill another loved one
and you won't get another one
Track Name: Try Harder
Wouldn't you try
Wouldn't you try
turn me on

Even I
lost art love
Even I
Time - even my passing time
If I asked
would you in time

Try me on
Wouldn't you try